Our Story

The brawny foothold of YS18, drawn from its roots, goes back in 1976 when Yogendra Sethi translated the colours of nature in gemstones. A painter and art connoisseur himself, Yogendra pioneered the concept of antiquity in modern times, with the contemporary brand YS18. He endeavored to embellish his jewellery with his outdoor landscapes portraying mountains, cliffs and valleys.


The legacy of Sethi family has been furthered by Sudeep Sethi, the next generation, with designs that voice YS18 brand even more for its exclusivity.


The stature and repute of YS18 creations get obvious when they adorn the necks of various Hollywood & Bollywood celebrities and has been liked by whos-who of City.


Let YS18 adorn you with gorgeous pieces that speak to the senses of sight, touch & mind !!


” I bring life to the rocks ! “

–  Yogendra Sethi


Design is USP of YS18.

YS18 is the biggest manufacturer in India using shades and variety of Natural Fancy Colour Diamonds in jewellery.
Sudeep says that each of the designer pieces is so passionately produced that the customer senses life in them; the colours are alive and they speak a language of their own.

The jewellery is so breathtaking that even words fail to describe their beauty and impact !!


YS18 has bagged many National & International Awards for their designs and workmanship.

YS18 Jewellery has been adorned by many Celebrities in India & across the Globe and has been cherished by high-fashion savvy.